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The Living Room Candidate - Commercials - 2016 - America

By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
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The system of competitive exams also has a bearing on the higher education. Since there is no way to determine the quality of the educational institute, national level competitive exams like NET, GATE etc for admission into research institute are conducted. Also employment in public sector pays very scant consideration to the academic achievements thereby decreasing the interest of the students in the academic courses, which becomes just another qualifying criterion for entering the jobs. Lack of consistency in placement strategy is also seen as a reason for lack of interest in education which increases the dependency on govt. sector jobs.

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Social movement in other parts of the world has also changed the attitude of governments. The movement for women's right in America, movement against apartheid, movement for voting rights of blacks in America, movement for voting rights of women is some shining examples in the developed world. These social movements have strengthened the democracy in their respective countries.

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Men still think of women as an object of sexual pleasure. Movies have played an important role in putting forward such stereotypes. Sexual harassment in work places, voyeurism, stalking has been indicative of such mindset.

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It took us years to understand the irrelevance of the western models of higher education. This was aggravated by lack of resources, new structures and excessive politicization of HES. The present state of HES has been a story of neglect and continuous erosion. Our U&amp C have failed to perform and deliver on every front in a highly competitive global environment. It is time to pay serious attention to the HES, if we want to reap the demographic dividend create nation-builders, and not mere skilled labourers and engage the best brains of India in the service of our nation rather than others. Though this seems a distant reality but the efforts of the government to reform the HES would hopefully bear fruits. The journey may not be an easy one.

And experts know a president 8767 s influence is, by design, magnitudes weaker than the public perception: one of three rings of power. By constitutional design the three branches of government keep each other in check, and no matter how great a single president is as an individual, the condition and party balance of the senate and judiciary they inherent determine their fate at least as much as their ability does. Political campaigns stress the individual, but what is harder to evaluate is their skill at working with other branches of government.

India has been the pinnacle of higher education in ancient times. The accounts of Chinese traveler Huien Tsang studying at Nalanda University at around seventh century BC is a shining example. But in recent times hardly any university has made a mark in international circles. Even the top colleges of India like IITs, IIMs, AIIMs and IIScs have not been able to make it to the top hundred universities of the world. If India has to emerge as a dominant force in the international arena, we have to increase the standard of higher education so as to reach the glory of the yesteryears.

That 8767 s a good list. I would add that we should have to take a test based on that list. Do Americans really know what they 8767 re voting for? If you ask most people after they come out of the voting booth, they don 8767 t have a clue.

Nature has endowed us with enough resources to live a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing life. But our greed is leading to the rapid extinction of these resources. If we keep abusing these resources at this rate, nothing will be left for our future generation. We must use these resources in a sustainable way so that they can be used by our generations to come. As Gandhi has said, "The world has enough for everyone 8767 s need, but not enough for everyone 8767 s greed. 8776

Turning off all media for 98 hours does amazing things for clarity. When you return, the insane and unintentional comedy of the civilized world becomes clear. As Voltaire wrote, 8775 God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh 8776 . Among the many salient things I noticed after my media hiatus, the . Presidential election stood out as the most curious drama of all. I couldn 8767 t stop laughing, and crying, about how, despite our solemn patriotic pride, we have no idea what we 8767 re doing. Although we 8767 re often asked to vote, we are often too ignorant and self-centered to make good choices.

Starting with the 6996 economic reforms: Liberalisation, Privatization and Globalisation(LPG), brought in a host of new actors in Indian democratic interplay., including private national and international mass media. Though these actors were incidental to the process, they have been able to shape the popular opinion or democratic voice significantly in India through both reporting and misreporting. The ouster of Congress, saviour in times of economic crisis, can be attributed to the latter. Contrary to the then popular perception, economy fared much better post-reforms and this ouster was the first paradox. For, greater awareness and consequent empowerment should have strengthened democratic decision-making: the contrary is noted.

The Living Room Candidate - Commercials - 2016 - America

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