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The Little Book of Coming Out Stories

By Jackscott

The Little Book of Coming Out Stories‘The Little Book of Coming Out Stories’ must in the running for the smallest book in print. Like me and gift boxes from Cartier, the best things come in pocket-sized packages. The book may be small in size but it’s big in ambition – 140 stories in 140 characters (or less) for £1.40. It’s a coming out textbook for the Twitter age. Compiled and produced by filmmaker/trainer Shelly Telly and poet/artist Vince Laws, the book is packed with abbreviated anecdotes that amuse, shock, sadden and liberate. Bravo to the people who shared their stories. Two tales, in particular, caught my eye:

“My mother has Alzheimers so I have to keep coming out. Doesn’t get any easier!”

“I came out to my friends and family. My friends have been very supportive. My parents don’t talk to me. Water is thicker than blood.”

For the coming out back story, check out the Norwich Pride website.  The book is available to borrow from any Norfolk library or to buy from the Greenhouse Shop or direct from Shelley (email [email protected]k).

Now what would be my own coming out short?

“I bounced out the closet from a trampoline. The overcrowded cupboard was giving me claustrophobia and I don’t do orgies.”

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