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The Liberation of Forgiveness

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

The Liberation of ForgivenessWe all are here on planet earth, and we are not alone! Thank God!  But on the other had, we are all just human and we make our set of mistakes.  Mistakes that hurt us, and mistakes that have serious consequences to others as well.  We live in a “dog eat dog” environment, where competition is high on all fronts and in order to get ahead, some people end up getting trampled! This is a very ugly reality that we live with, and sad to say along life’s arduous road some people get hurt, others get left behind, and then there are those who get ahead.

It is not a fun thing to be wronged by someone, and in particular it is most difficult to be wronged by someone who we have been close to, or emotionally involved with, as it hurts even more, and the scars can last for a very long time! But actually, what is it that causes these “scars” to go on for so long?  They are contingent on our ability or inability to hold on to them or to let go! At the end of the day the decision is ours .

To forgive is not always that easy to do, it costs us great courage, strength and even some times our dignity.  However if you weigh this pain against that which can be caused by holding on to the past, bitterness, anguish, hatred and vindication, it can have a far less negative effect on the overall.  All the energy that it takes out of you when you get so emotionally wrapped up in the ordeal can work against you in the long run! Science has proven that  anger and rage built up over time can have serious adverse affects, not only on your mental state but even on your overall physical health.

To learn how to forgive and yes, even forget, is not all that easy, but it a power that will bring an incredible liberation.  When you hold on to a negative sentiment, the only person that you end up hurting is yourself! You are surrendering to the person who has wronged you, and in the case of one who may have deliberately wronged you, you have handed over to them victory and satisfaction.  However, when you are able to forgive, forget and move on, you have gained an incredible freedom of mind which will liberate you to move on. There is no sweeter victory!

Have you experienced difficulty and misfortune at the hand of another?  How did you handle it?

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