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The Lazy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

By Chantel @k3ona


Hello Gorgeous! Cleaning your makeup brushes is very important for a lot of reasons–bacteria build-up can cause breakouts and nobody wants that, plus dirty brushes make applying your makeup a drag because they don’t pick up the product that well. Although this is important sometimes it’s easy to forget and can be very time-consuming–depending on how many brushes you have in your collection. There is a solution… Sephora’s BrushIt Off Cleansing Brush Wipes ($16.00 for 18)

Each individually wrapped wipe is the perfect size to clean three shadow or liner brushes, two powder or blush brushes, or one dense Kabuki or foundation brush. The cleansing formula the cloths are soaked in effectively removes build-up without being greasy. Plus it doesn’t require rising, just give it about 5 minutes to dry.

Clean Brushes in a flash–yes please! This product sounds amazing however this should not replace deep cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. This Sephora product is great when you don’t have a lot of time.

Gorgeous, have you ever tried this product? How do you clean your makeup brushes?

Stay Gorgeous!

Source: Byrdie

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