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The Last of the Tomatoes

By Sue15cat

The Last of the Tomatoes
At last we have reached the end of this years mammoth tomato harvest.  This is it, the end, finito, no more tomatoes to pick.  Half of the stems and stalks have been added to the compost heap and the other half will join them later.
As you can see I got a nice final mix of colours.  The ripe red and yellow tomatoes will be turned into one final big pot of Roasted Tomato Soup and the green ones are destined to become a batch of Green Tomato Chutney, I think we have just one jar left of last years tomato chutney so this has come at the perfect time.
The Last of the Tomatoes
The sad looking plants before the harvest ..... they look even sadder now!!
It's surprising how different it looks inside the polytunnel looks now without the mass of tomatoes on either side of the front door as you step in, I suddenly have lots of space.
Sue xx

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