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The Last Infection (The Hand That Feeds)

By Levyingkishan
Book Review of the bookThe Last Infection (The Hand That Feeds)“Run For your lives!!”    Will be the first logical statement that you can think of when you are being chased by weird hunters with the likes of zombies, half dead and the infected and it seems even more dreadful when they hunt you in packs.The story starts with Jake and Alicen siblings running for their lives when they meet Chris, searching for food. They again run for their lives, when they meet other survivors Jenn, Sarah and others who have survived the last infection. The situation gets worse when they have a limited supply of food, water, and fuel. The Last Infection (The Hand That Feeds)The group gets smaller and smaller with time as the infected attack many of the survivors and feed on them. All they have is a little hope that they might survive.
My ReviewThe storyline is terrific and as you read the novel you will be immersed in the story and you can feel that you are one of the characters, looking at the story as it unfolds itself from a distance. You can feel the horror, the sweat trickling down your face and the adrenalin rush with the sound of the blood pumping as the infected run after you. It’s just terrifying. I just loved the little girl “Alicen” and the beauty with which she holds her curiosity and her sweet words.

I am very thankful to Michael W. Garza for considering me to review his book. A must read book for the zombie lovers and I am looking forward for the sequel.

About the AuthorThe Last Infection (The Hand That Feeds)Michael W. Garza often finds himself wondering where his inspiration will come from next and in what form his imagination will bring it to life. The outcomes regularly surprise him and it's always his ambition to amaze those curious enough to follow him and take in those results. He encourages readers to peek at his latest work as well as the material he's published in the past. He sincerely hopes that everyone will find something that astonishes, surprises, or simply scares the heck out of you.  For more details about Michael W. Garza you can click on the following links
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