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The Last Annual Vol-State Race 2012

By Abichal @Multidays

The Last Annual Vol-State Race 2012Posted on the Ultralist

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 18:12:41 -0500
From: UltraJohn
Subject: Re: …Vol State

The only technical requirement is to show up at the ferry before it leaves for Missourri at the first running around 7am on Thursday, July 11th (or whatever day is Thursday)… But we, meaning other participates like to know who's in so if you sent an email to the list stating you are in and whether crewed or screwed (self-supported) that would be nice.
Basic info: 3 divisions. 1. relay, 2. crewed, 3 solo self-supported

Crewed can get in car anytime they like and either rest or go somewhere etc etc. as long as all forward progress is on their own two feet. Solo can never get in or on a vehicle (except at the request of law enforcement) from start to finish… They can not accept any aid from anyone associated with the race except other solo runners.
Laz is the RD and we are required to check in with him or his designate twice a day, every 12 hours from the start time give or take whenever you can.
The maps and some other various info are located on my website at : http://runvb2vb.com/VolState

Most of us meet for the '"Last Supper the night before the start at Ryans in Union City…
Waiting for your email to enter!




Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2011 14:05:31 -0500
From: Fred Murolo
Subject: laz, an appreciation

Many of us fantasize about adventures. And we like to think big. We aspire to 100 milers or multi-days; we dream of running across the country. We see our state on a map and think, “What if I just got dropped off here, and started running along this route till I reached there? How cool would that be?” Or we think of traversing wilderness, following the contour of the hills and valleys and stream beds, using game trails and bushwhacking, using a compass or the sun, or our memory or some dead reckoning. Or we might think of a race with one hour to complete a little 4 plus mile course over and over till we drop, evoking thoughts of Stephen King’s Long Walk.

But a lot of us, myself definitely included, fall short in the logistics and execution. We dream big, but we need someone to point out the way. And people come forward. Race directors turn their fantasies into our challenges, and we are better for it.

In this holiday season, I’d like to thank one guy in particular. All my life I’ve thought of the big journey run, not something that someone in exaggeration might call epic, but something that would be epic. And then I found the list and then I read laz’s updates on the Volstate runs and then I found a place to park all that pent up fantasy and romance and desire to get out there.

In 2011, I took the time and gave myself the opportunity to run the Volstate, and it was truly everything that I had ever dreamed a journey run adventure could be and more—more amazing, more crushingly difficult, all of the dream, all of the nightmare. And I am changed.

laz held it out there for me. He places these things in front of those who aspire, those who dream big. And we come—to the Volstate, to the Barkley, to the big’s backyard ultra.

Thanks, laz. Be good.

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