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The Language Police

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
As we walked home from school last Friday we talked about delivering invitations to the girls' tenth birthday party. It's a spa and sundaes party. A friend's daughter and two of her friends are coming over to paint nails and supervise the party games. We're expecting twelve girls, including our two.
We first talked about riding our bikes everywhere. The blond twin was up for it, but not the brunette twin. She started complaining about her bike. It's too small. She hit her knees on the handlebars whenever she rode, ending up with bruises sometimes. It was hard to steer because her knew were in the way. She complained for about three blocks before arrived at our house.
When we got into the house Daddy called. I summarized the conversation by saying, "We are gong to deliver the invitations. We were going to ride our bikes, but the brunette twin is complaining that her bike it too small and she hurts her knees when she pedals." Or something like that.
The brunette twin looked at the blond twin and said, "That's not what I said."
It's a trend with the girls. If I summarize a conversation by using words other than exactly what they said, they protest. I don't have to repeat the entire conversation, but no word substitutions are allowed.
Of course what's good for them is good for me. Now whenever they say something without using the words I use I protest. It's driving them crazy. They haven't really learned the lesson though, so we'll keep playing this game for a bit longer. Some day I'll break them of this or they will tire of the game and stop protesting. Either way works for me to be honest.

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