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The Lady is a Vamp

By Tryitonme @tryitonme
The Lady is a Vamp
I am what some may refer to as a "Twihard." For those that don't know, a Twihard is a human girl who is obsessed with the Twilight Saga. When it comes to myself, I use the term obsessed lightly, because I am not a teenager, I don't scream bloody murder when I see Robert Pattinson, and my Twi-love has subsided greatly over the years. But there was a point in time where I was holding my boyfriend up to unrealistic, Cullen-like expectations {admit it- so did you}.
With that in mind, last night my girlfriend Malika and I headed to the theater to see Breaking Dawn Part 1. I had on my I LOVE EDWARD tee {blood dripping from the letters and all} and we started the evening with a Vampire's Kiss cocktail. I cannot lie- I was really disappointed! I was hoping for a lot more honeymoon details {*wink *wink} and a lot less scary pregnancy and birthing details. We debriefed on the way home, and agreed we were both a little shell-shocked!
But what I'm positively delighted to see is Kristen Stewart's fashion transformation, from an awkward teen to full blown fashion hottie. How fab does she look that the BD premieres in Roberto Cavalli and J. Mendel? I can only imagine how she will look now that she is truly a vamp!
I'm dying to know, what did you think of Breaking Dawn Part 1????
The Lady is a Vamp

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