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The Kuba Komet

By Gerard @presurfer
The Kuba Kometimage credit
The Kuba Komet was the complete Home Entertainment Center for its time. The Kuba Corporation manufactured the Komet from 1957 to 1962 in Wolfenbuttel, West Germany. This set stands 5' 7" tall, it's over 7' wide and weighs 289 Lb. The design is reminiscent of a sailboat.
The upper section of the Kuba Komet rotates like a sail on a mast, allowing the viewer to swing the 23" black and white television and speaker system in the desired direction. The blonde-colored wood is solid maple and the darker wood is wenge, a rare timber found only in West Africa. A high-gloss, polyester varethane coating gives it a sleek, shiny finish.
(via Neatorama)

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