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The Kind of Quiet

By Bookishkind @bookishkind
Like winter, I am in a season of quiet and keeping to myself. Under the surface, thoughts are brewing like a warm cuppa ready for the sipping. But I'm not ready to drink the tea yet, so I sit quietly and ponder.
The Kind of Quiet I've been obsessed lately with pouring over Etsy shops that offer decadent classic books, from Missouri to the UK, and I have found a few that have made their way to me, or are traveling to me now.
The Kind of Quiet
The Kind of Quiet
This one for example, takes you to certain delightful English towns from 1906.
The Kind of QuietFrom this 1890 beauty, I can read and recite, "The Lady of Shalott" to my heart's content. (I once memorized most of this poem and can still remember 3 or 4 stanzas of it, (is that the right word and did I just add a parenthesis inside of another parenthesis?)).
These are just the kind of quiet I need right now. Planting seeds and brewing tea, indeed.
The Kind of Quiet

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