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The Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game (-_-)

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Mikeylately @MikeyLately

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

So, I tried my hardest not to get sucked into this Kim K. game but some how my fingers manage to download the game. Honestly that was the wordt mistake I could of done. This game has consumed my life. 

On my way to work I play it. At work I play it. At home, in the club, or at the bar. In the car, even on the plan. It got so bad that I almost had to start using my hard earn money to purchase stuff for the game. But that would be a cold day in hell before I do that (-_-). And that day might be coming soon. 

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game (-_-)

The worst thing about that game is the energy you have to use to do stuff. And lets just say the energy goes by way too fast especially when you have gigs. And waiting for the energy to come back is not fun at all. Y’all the addicition to this game is real and advise anyone who is thinking about pressing that download button not to do so. Just scroll pass it and keep it moving. You don’t need hours of your life gone because of this game. Kim K. I would say I’m over you but I can’t because I have a gig to do in the next hour and I need to raise my score so I can be number 1 on the A List. By while thats happening Kim K. Game have your ass a good seat and sip your tea, while you watch us continue to waste our time playing you. 

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