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The Jungle Before the Snow Returns

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

There are two things going on here before I took the photos on this post. First, we're rarely up and out in the garden early enough to capture snaps of the garden basking in early morning light. But whenever those moments happen, we both remember how flattering morning light is, giving soft glow rather than just illuminating. 

The Jungle Before the Snow ReturnsSecond, we knew that there was an impending cold snap and snow showers forecast for Sunday so on Friday and Saturday we both got up nice and early, to get on with as much as we could before the weather turned.The Jungle Before the Snow Returns

And as we got on I took the time to stop for a few moments, to admire the 'jungle' basking in the morning light, and to capture the moment by taking these snaps.

It was almost hard to believe that Saturday was such good weather for a winter's day that Sunday would the complete opposite of it. Well having one day is better than having no good day at all. 

The Jungle Before the Snow Returns

The cold weather and snow did arrive as predicted but I'm glad enough I managed to capture moments of that fine Saturday morning.

Mark :-)

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