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The Jackal and the Fish

By Joefatrah

The Jackal and the pond full of fish

The Jackal and the fish

the jackal and the pond full of fish

Long ago, a big jackal wanted some fish to eat. He went to look for a dried-up pond so that he could catch the fish easily. One day, he found a pond which had only a little water, a lot of mud and many kinds of fish in it. “I’m hungry today,” the jackal thought, “I’m very hungry.” A shrimp in the pond knew what the jackal was thinking. “Brother Jackal,” he said in a kind voice, “You can eat us all up. But look, we’re covered in mud. If you eat us like this, we’ll taste horrible.” “What can I do to make you taste nice?” asked the jackal. “Take us away and wash us,” said the shrimp. “But there are thousands of fish in the pond. Where can I take you all? And how can I wash you all?” “Don’t worry,” said the shrimp. “Just stretch out in the mud. Let some of us hang on to your fur. Then you can get up and take us to pond with a lot of water in it,” The jackal was greedy and stupid. So he did what the shrimp said. He stretched out in the mud. Some of the fish hung on to his fur. Then the jackal got up and went to look for another into it. The fish in his fur jumped off into the water. “Go back,” said the shrimp to the jackal, “and pick up the other fish.” So the jackal went back and got some more of the fish. Again and again, he walked back to the old pond. At last, all the fish were in the pond full of water. When the fish saw they were all together again, they swam away into deep water. When jackal saw they had tricked him, he was very angry. He hurried away to look for big animals, snakes, and birds. He found elephants, tiger, buffaloes, and pigs. He found python and cobras. He found crows, sparrows, and vultures. He said to them, “Please help me to empty all the water out of the pond.” He said to the python, “the animals and birds will take the water out of the pond. Then you can Swallow it.” When the fish in the pond heard this, they were frightened. They said to each other, “What can we do to stop these animals?” A cat-fish said, “People say the hare is very clever animal. He knows how to help animals in trouble. Shall I go and ask him to help us?” The other fish agreed. So the cat-fish left the pond to look for the hare. All day he moved slowly and heavily along the ground—flip flop, flip flop. In the evening, the hare came out to look for some food. When he saw the catfish he asked, “Where are you going?” The cat-fish was happy to see the hare and said, “Oh brother hare, have pity on me. The fish in the pond have asked me to find you. People say you are very clever. You can help animals in trouble. Please help us. All kinds of animals and snakes and birds have come to our pond. They are going to take the water out of the pond. Then the python will swallow the water and the jackal will eat up all the fish! Come and help us.” “all right” said the hare, “Go back and tell the other fish not to be afraid.” The cat –fish then went back to the pond. The next morning, the hare come along. He saw the animals taking out the water. He found a long leaf which some worms had eaten. It was full of little holes. He shouted to the animals, “Brothers! I have a letter to you from the great God Indra,” he looked at the left and pretended to read it. “He says he will come and break the ducks’ leg and crush the eagles. He will cut off the jackal’s head and pull out the elephant’s tusks!” The animals were frightened when they heard this. They climbed on top of each other. Then they climbed on top of the pythons. The pythons burst. All the pond water rushed out of their bodies. The water came out so fast that all the animals drowned. And instead of the animals eating the fish, the fish ate the animals.

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