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The iY Generation: I Don’t Know Whether to Laugh Or to Cry…

By Eowyn @DrEowyn


If you want an understanding of the iY generation (#me!) and their thought processes, one only need visit Tumblr* for a glimpse into the most misguided generation in a long time (unless you are just looking for porn [this is not a link to porn!], then you’ve found the perfect site).

Not only does the iY generation believe they have every world problem solved, they have figured out a new English language to describe their expertise. Here’s proof:


“like I give a blistered bleeding f*ck what the founding fathers would think of the country today. They didn’t f*cking know what a germ is.(This brainiac must have missed biology class.)

“I do think abortion can be an easy choice for some; calling it ‘always difficult’ stigmatizes it further. This is so important for the pro-choice community to understand. If we add this idea that it’s ‘never’ an easy choice, then many will interpret that as there is still something immoral or wrong about having an abortion. And there’s not.”


“People drive cars because they want to. People know you can get into a car accident. People still get medical help when they get into one of those accidents. Just like people will have sex, people will get pregnant and sometimes people will need an abortion. Ffs (for f*cks sake) its not that hard.”

“’I get it. Abortions are not for everybody. They’re like children that way.’ that’s it that’s the whole argument. That’s literally the best way i’ve ever seen to describe it.”

“Dude on the train was like Christopher Columbus discovered America? Man he ain’t discover shit. How you going to “discover” something that’s already there? If you found my wallet in my pocket and took it, you didn’t discover it — you stole it.


“[M]en aren’t oppressed AS ‘men’. At worst we are ‘repressed’ by the very same structures that privilege us and oppressed others, like bruising from firing a high-powering rifle

None of ‘us’ have any longer the symbolic or material capability of dictating the shape of reality to any of ‘them’. Or at least ‘we’ cannot claim innocence from practicing such dominations. White women, including socialist feminists, discovered (that is, were forced kicking and screaming to notice) the non-innocence of the category ‘woman’.” (I have no idea what this means.)


“Thanks to these new laws——which OMG HITLER!! according to Fox News—I can finally, f*cking finally goddamn afford to get healthcare. Do you even understand what an amazing thing that is? I get to be able to go see a doctor for the first time in literally years. I won’t have to wait until my cold becomes pneumonia and I ‘qualify’ to go to the emergency room. I can get therapy, so I can hold a job without wanting to brutally murder each and every single man woman and child I come in contact with due to sheer overstimulation. I can afford to get birth control, so my body can stop thinking it might be fun to bleed for months on end. Do you even know what it’s like trying to do schoolwork when you’re dizzy with anemia, and panicking about getting blood all over your chair (the clothes are already write-offs) because it doesn’t matter how many pads you use or how often you change them; you’re going to keep bleeding and bleeding until it feels like you have no blood left?”

“nothing but love and respect for the people of gaza they’re in the middle of a genocide and they’re trying to help the people in Fergunson protect themselves against tear gas” (This is all over Tumblr. People in Gaza are supposedly tweeting on how to survive tear gas.)

“We’re going to fight capitalism with socialism. Socialism is the people. If you’re afraid of socialism, you’re afraid of yourself.

“here’s an idea: people shouldn’t actually have to have a job to be allowed to remain alive



*If you don’t have a Tumblr account, just type in a random word (“socialists” tumblr, “progressives” tumblr, etc.) in a search and you can visit sites tagged with that word.

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