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The iPhone 5s is Here, Your Move Android

Posted on the 20 September 2013 by Techdrink @techdrink1
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iPhone 5s

The phone wars surge on, with Apple releasing its latest iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Phone aficionados are now looking to Android makers for their next move. While the preferable operating system for your handset truly depends on your lifestyle and business needs, a clear share has been moving to the Android operating system. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, of the 700 million smartphone units that sold in 2012, Android’s operating system runs in 68.4 percent of that market share, while 19.4 percent of those units use Apple’s iOS. Clearly, Apples new release is making a strong bid for that market share.

Mobile phones are packed with features – the object for users is to find out the best phone for their lifestyle. Customers often ask, what’s the best cell phone coverage I can get? Coverage varies from carrier to carrier, not phone to phone. As upgraded operating systems are released, handset makers and carriers decide which they will offer to consumers.

iPhone 5s’s 3 Major Advances

Apple’s new iPhone 5s touts its three major advances as the 64-bit processor, fingerprint scanner and its camera. The processor makes the phone much faster than the iPhone 5 – some estimate it to be twice as fast. The other upside to the new processor is bragging rights – no other phone has it. Since this increased capability is limited, there aren’t all that many mobile applications out that can take advantage of this lightening speed. So it’s definitely a perk and something to brag about, but customers may not rush out to buy it if they don’t have much use for it.

Although there aren’t that many applications yet available for mobile phones with 64-bit processors, the iPhone 5s and 5c camera will benefit from such a robust processor. A higher processing power offers less blur and better color in flash conditions. The fingerprint reader, depending on the encryption, may benefit from a 64-bit processor.

And Now the Android

Samsung has been quick to jump on beefing up its processing power, announcing that its next Galaxy smartphones will have ARM-based 64-bit processors, according to

Despite the new jockeying for 64-bit position, consumers have voiced that larger displays are also an important feature. Apple’s new iPhone 5s and 5c still have a 4 inch display. The Galaxy Note 3, which ships in October, is expected to have a 5.7 inch display with a digital stylus, according to Samsung’s website.

While industry watchers are anticipating the new Android KitKat‘s release date to be October 14, Google has not provided more information than an October release date. The Nexus 5 phone is rumored to be released along with the Android 4.4 KitKat, and is expected to have higher data speeds that the previous version.

While processing speed and new features are important to users, ease of use and integration with calendars, email and other organizational systems also plays a key role. Apple has impressed the mobile industry with its new iPhone 5s and 5c but it may not be enough to win over customers that depend on Google’s integration with their other high-tech devices. Apple’s new release is rocking the market enough to send Android running at a faster speed, but not enough to win Android’s market share.

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The iPhone 5s is here, Your move Android

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