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The Important Elements That Make a Blog

Posted on the 27 May 2014 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

One of the most popular aspects of the internet today is blogs. There are millions of blogs that are available for the viewers to read on the internet on a diverse range of topics. A blog is an informal or personal website created by an individual or a group of individuals where they express their thoughts and opinions on the different topics of discussion. Often in blogs viewers can express opinions and provide feedback to the writer of the blogs and an open discussion on the issue can take place on the internet. There are some key elements that make up a personal blog today. These elements distinguish a personal blog from other websites. They are:

Name of the Blog

There are millions of blogs on the internet. To make a personal blog look appealing for viewers, a proper name or heading for the blog is very crucial for the success. The title of the blog should be eye catching, creative and must adequately describe the nature of the blog. For example, if it is a fashion blog, the name must include exactly the style of fashion that will be written about in the blog.


The “About” Page

A new viewer of the blog will have no idea exactly what to expect in the blog. For this the “about” page describing the blog is essential. It gives an idea to the viewers about the type of subjects and issues that are written about and discussed in the blog. The about page must be concise and give the readers a knowledge about the blog to help them get to know the blogger a little better.


Organize Categories & Archives

A good blog is one that is regularly updated. For this the blogger generally writes a broad range of issues related to the central topic of the blog. Sometimes blogs do not have a specific field as the blogger writes about a wide ranging spectrum of issues of the day. Categorizing these topics to help ease of access to them and archiving blog entries is done in a systematic way for the success of the blog.


Connect with the Audiences

Most blogs are interactive and allow readers to participate in the discussions. Most blogs today have subscription buttons to link the blog to the author’s RSS Feed, Twitter Account and Facebook Account among other social networking tools available on the internet. When readers of the blog subscribe to these social networking tools it is easier to keep a loyal audience and readers can also get notified to latest posts on the blog. Providing links to related information on the net regarding the topics on the blog is also vital as it helps engage the readers of the blog on the topics of discussion.


Legalities of Blogging

A Privacy Policy, a Disclosure Policy and a Disclaimer are important aspects of a blog. All the exact legalities required for the blogs can be read online. There are also templates available on legal issues related to the blogs.

Blogging is a great way to express opinions and have discussions with people online on wide ranging issues. The above elements are key to starting good blogs on the internet.

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