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The Importance of Knowing Your Ideal Client

Posted on the 15 March 2022 by Steveonline @steve_online

In order to attract your ideal client, you need to know who they are and what they want from you. If you have been struggling to attract clients, you may be wondering what your client avatar really looks like and if you’re missing the mark… how to reimagine your  ideal client.

Your first step is to create your ideal client avatar, also known as an avatar marketing profile or ideal customer profile (ICP). This will give you a basic outline of the type of person that will make up your target market so that you can more easily attract them with your outbound marketing funnels. There’s a reason we need to research twice… market once!

Detailing your Ideal Client with an Avatar

A client avatar is a fictional representation of your ideal client. By creating a detailed persona, you’ll be able to know what they want and how best to connect with them. The more specific you are, both in description and demographic, the easier it will be to find that perfect match.

You can use all sorts of characteristics when building your avatar: job title, location, age, income level or family situation are just a few factors you might consider. What matters most is that your avatar feels real — it’s not some holy grail client character that will never happen but someone you can actively find on LinkedIn with a tool like Sales Navigator.

Why Is The Client Avatar Important?

It is crucial that you know your ideal client intimately. Building your avatar will enable you to understand what motivates them, who their peers are, and what their pain points are. It’s the difference between a sniper scope and a trolling net off the back of a boat. We want laser focus.

If you are able to pin your client avatar down to specifics you will have an easier time trying to attract these individuals and start the communication.

You can also create a visual representation of your ideal client avatar that you can use on your website, social media platforms, and other professional marketing materials so they become instantly recognizable to potential customers.

In addition to improving how your business is perceived in general, having a well-developed ideal client avatar will help increase sales conversions while strengthening long-term relationships with past clients as well as potential ones. You are thinning the herd.. which is a good thing.

What Details Make A Great Ideal Client Avatar?

Step One: Make a detailed list of everything you need to know about your prospects that line up with your current ideal clients.

For example, if you’re a copywriter, you might want to ask yourself:

    • What kinds of businesses do they own?
    • What industries do you work in and help people the most?
    • Do they have a specific issue or need that your skillset can solver better than others?

Once you’ve made your list and identified those commonalities for whom you want to work with the most, prioritize it and begin filling in as many details as possible.

How Can Your Client Avatar Help You?

By building your client avatar, you give yourself the ability to attract the clients that your feel are a good fit. That’s the entire reason why you are going through this exercise of self discovery for you and your business… right?

It also helps you optimize your outbound marketing efforts, social media content, and website blogs/articles… telling a story that will attract the absolute best people, granting the ability to work how and with whom you want.

You can stop taking “bad clients” where you see a monetary value above a quality of work value. We all want to do our best possible work for the best possible outcomes every day.

Bringing value to those who appreciate it the most. Where your talents can shine, and you can make the most change with your work. That’s how you build a legacy.

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