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The Importance of Girl Dates

By Datewithcleo @datewcleo

Oops. Despite my flawless exterior and radiant interior, I still make some mistakes and have some problems to figure out.

The Importance of Girl Dates

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I recently self-diagnosed one such problem as what I like to call, accidental girlfriend cloning. Allow me to explain.

I have been liking boys (men, guys, males, etc.) since they stopped having cooties, about 15 years ago. However, only yesterday did I realize that I try to clone the men that I like into girls. I do not mean this in a lesbian way (at least 60%, anyway). What I mean is that once I decide that a man is attractive, interesting, fun, and worthy of devotion, I naturally want to do my favorite things with them. Most of which include talking about feelings, having deep conversations, watching romantic comedies, going shopping, giggling, dancing, eating chocolate, having pillow fights, and brushing each other’s hair (the last two are just for jokes). I force these activities upon these simple, helpless beings and still get disappointed when they suck at it.

Thus, I finally came to the conclusion that girl time is equally, if not more, important as boy time. Dumping all of my social and love needs on one person is too much. When a man just doesn’t cut it, the goddesses will satisfy.

The Importance of Girl Dates

So ladies, never underestimate your girlfriends and try not to overestimate your boyfriends. The dating journey is about finding that delicate balance between friends and lovers where we can all be happy using our god-given strengths. No one need change who they are, just what we expect from each other.



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