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The Importance of Body Language

By Bonsoni.com @bonsoni

The importance of body languagePeople without the other can not live, which is a social being. When we are in contact with others, we communicate. For this we the spoken and written language to make. From what we can do to make the contents of a clear message to the other. But we can also communicate without words. This type of communication tells us something about the relationship between people. Often this is more important than getting the message. The communication of these non-verbal communication, which tells us something about the relationship between people is called meta-communication. Communication!
Words are inadequate
When we connect with someone, we must also remember the other it is clear how the content of an oral message should be interpreted. How do we do that, says something about the relationship we have with the other person, or have anyway. Often the words for this purpose are not sufficient. For example, we do not say to another as easily as we feel about each other, or, in the words of a message should be interpreted. To make sense of our clear words we use body language. Body language is a language without words, so called non-verbal communication. We use body language all the time, for example, looking for someone in the eyes means something different than any other man in the eye. Contact with other people, simply can not be something not communicate.
Normally, the body language occurs unconsciously. However, body language we use largely determines the quality of our communications. As a result, so it would be good to become our own consciousness and body language of others. We can learn to use our body language for a purpose. In addition to learning the body language of the other to understand and interpret. It is important to note that body language has different meanings in different cultures. How can language of the body depends on the situation interpreted, culture, the relationship we have with the person and sex of the other. This means it is not a signal having the same meaning in the world. If you do not take this into account, you can get into serious trouble! Body language is also spoken and a whole of an individual behavior patterns are interconnected. In addition, various signs of body language in addition to a special crystalline meaning or enhance the sense of what we know. Some groups have a specific body language may, in its meaning developed as a very explicit and is used to communicate, where the use of the words may be otherwise difficult or dangerous manner. Examples of these are for most groups such as homosexuals, people in slavery, prisoners, etc., who have a history of prejudice against them by the dominant culture. in.
It is used to express feelings
Body language is mostly used to express emotions. For example, if we do not like someone, it is often difficult for the person who says directly. However, we can not say intentionally or through body language. The opposite also is true. We can say that we are angry with words or body language can say loud and clear that we are not. This can be very confusing for the receiver. This is generally described as an indication of double message - a message in words and body language opposite message. It is also difficult lie or hide our feelings through body language. People can share their true feelings of not being aware, to give your body language. Research has shown, to give most people pay more attention, and believe more easily, their idea of ​​how a person acts through body language that what is said in words. Therefore we tend a question mark behind the words to doubt or put, if you do not match the language of the body.
The importance of how we communicate
As we meet someone that a small part of
the words that decided to speak. To make a good impression, for example, during a job interview, it is important to know, and to some extent can to control our body language. The person at the desk of our body language is a feeling or impression that it is often difficult to describe - just hard to put into words or difficult to prove what really communicates. Do not we all sometimes says: "I feel that he / she likes," or something like ". I doubt he / she says, is really the truth" This kind of feeling is called intuition. Body language plays an important role in intuition, as it gives us news about the other person, which can be played on an intuitive level. Therefore, we must know our own body language first. We must learn from this so that we can know ourselves where it is not. For this purpose, all aspects of body language we can learn something, described below.
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