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The House Begins to Tumble Down.

Posted on the 04 March 2015 by Jamesswezey
The House Begins to Tumble Down.The end of this school term was very satisfying and successful, and I hope that trend continues until the very end. I took the day off of work to prepare for my miniature vacation to Florida, and while I was getting ready I took a few moments to finish watching the 3rd season of House of Cards. Well I think my title says it all, and I am not of course referring to President Underwood's house, but the show. I had a lot of hope and desire for this season of the show that it would really up the ante what with Francis being President and all, but for 13 episodes all I saw was all of the main characters that I loved so much get weaker, and weaker and more vulnerable and less fulfilling. Frank I thought would be titan to be reckoned with as President, but he comes off more ineffective and powerless than he ever was previously. Don't get me wrong, Kevin Spacey's performance was astounding that isn't the problem; the error lies in how the character was written for this season, which I didn't care for. The same goes for Robin Wright; Claire as well seems powerless, lost, and ineffective, and although she gave a remarkable performance as always, the character was not written well. As a matter of fact none of the characters were really written that well for this season now that I think about it; I guess the writers had an off season, even the season finale ending was lame, whereas the ending to the 2nd season was powerful. They spend a lot of time on superfluous characters in the 3rd season, on pointless storylines; it was just not plotted well. I suppose the writing that was there was good, but nothing near to what the first two seasons were like; the 1st season remains the best so far. I was deeply disappointed with the 3rd season, and they had better improve upon the 4th otherwise the show will most likely (in my opinion) tank. There were some good moments in the 3rd season, but nothing really stood out to me. The show was shot really well, and one cannot deny how real all of it feels or looks, so in that regard it remains a visual masterpiece still. There is a lot going on in the world, and even here in the United States; even something very tragic almost happened to one of my clients at my job. All of us struggle day after day and fiercely wrestle with ourselves and others. Hopefully despite all of the difficulties that we have to work through none of us lose sight of matters of importance, and that none of us lose our genuine humanity. Good luck and may the Force be with us all.
House of Cards
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