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The Hangover Part 3 Teaser

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by 2cool4blog @2cool4blog


I really enjoyed the Harry Potteresque poster they released recently, but we still didn’t have a clue as to what kind of movie it would be. I mean, sure, the skeptics would probably argue that it’ll be the same story with a bigger budget, but that’s too easy. Shame on you, skeptics. Shame on you for always being lazy and under-utilizing your pessimism. 

From what I could tell, it appears they’re taking out their misplaced anger on Vegas for all the mishaps they’ve been through and considering that the filmmakers have a tendency to go over-the-top with their scenarios, I believe it is more than likely that they’re planning the destruction of the fabled sin city. Why not? It’s the last movie in the trilogy, so they might as well make an impression, right? I think I’m right.

Here’s the “teaser” trailer, which feels more like a real trailer.

That funeral scene in the beginning of the trailer is very curious…I’m thinking it’s Justin Bartha (their friend who got married in the first film) who dies from some Las Vegas related incident off screen that fuels the wolf pack’s anger.

This movie opens on May 24th.

Written by Daniel Lee

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