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The Guns of Rick Perry

Posted on the 28 July 2015 by Lowell

The Guns of Rick Perry Full disclosure.  I own several guns.  There was a time when I owned a lot more and spent time at a shooting range shooting those guns.  I also have a concealed weapons permit.   But awhile back I decided shooting my guns was a huge waste of time and money.  Furthermore, many of the people I met at the range were on the south side of weird, people with whom I had nothing in common.
So I sold most of my guns.  I no longer go to a shooting range.  Unless I feel I may have to enter a dangerous situation I do not carry a weapon even though I have a permit to do so.
I despise the NRA with a passion.  I despise the politicians and the judges and preachers and other so-called leaders who defend the kind of crazy system we have now where because of a skewed interpretation of the 2nd Amendment some people believe that every man, woman, and child in this country should be able to own any kind of gun they wish and in many cases that belief is embellished with the notion that anyone ought to be able to carry a weapon openly in just about any public venue.
But there's more to it.  Allegiance to the insanity of the NRA is also built upon the largesse the NRA deposits on those who do its bidding!  Many of our politicians owe their political life to the NRA.
We are guided and led by children.  Rick Perry, the ex-governor of Texas, is a good example.  Perry claims to be a Christian and guided by the teachings of Jesus.  His claim is bogus.  But that's another essay.  He claims to be sane.  That claim is also bogus.  Just the other day he suggested that if people had been able to carry guns into that theater in Louisiana, the people who died at the hand of the crazy person would still be alive.
That is bizarre, and even a redneck dumbass like Perry ought to know better.  If everyone in that theater was carrying a weapon, it might have turned into one of those Hollywood old west shootouts, and it is likely many more people would have died.
As I've said before, guns are used primarily to kill people.  I know that some folks have guns they use for the range only - for sport.  Other use rifles and shotguns for hunting, but hunting animals who have no means of defense against telescopes and long-range bullets, and when there is no need to do so is despicable.  Nevertheless, such people are generally less interested in killing other people than those who fill their lairs with handguns and military weapons.
A pistol or a revolver is made for only one purpose - to kill another human being.  That's why they were created.  Automatic weapons have the same purpose.  There is no reason on earth why any individual should be able to walk into a store and buy such weapons without a background check, a test to determine if he or she is competent to use such a weapon, and determination as to what the weapon is intended for, and a license to purchase.  Such purchases should also be logged by the appropriate authorities.
Here's a tongue-in-cheek poem I wrote a few months ago.
 Shoot Someone
Shoot someoneanyonethat's what guns are for
Shoot the NRAlet them taste a bulletthat's what guns are for
Shoot your teacherfor all her lies
Shoot your neighborfor his weedy grass
Shoot your kidswhen they don't behave
Shoot your congressmanfor being incompetent
Shoot the illegalsfor stealing your job
Shoot the minoritieswho are stealing your country
Shoot the bankerswho are stealing your money
Shoot the crooksworking Wall Street
Shoot the wardenin the back
Shoot the priestfor his pretensions
Shoot the doctorfor her drugs
Shoot a gun with hollow points
Shoot the homelesson the street
Life is cheap guns are cheap
shoot someoneanyone that's what guns are for

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