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The Green Party Is Really Different Than The Major Parties

Posted on the 23 September 2014 by Jobsanger
The Green Party Is Really Different Than The Major Parties
Greens vs. Democrats & Republicans – The Real Difference



Support full access to abortion, with funding, for all women in the U.S. and around the world.Republicans: Oppose abortion
Democrats: Support abortion rights. Sometimes.


Bail out the peopleRepublicans: No Bailouts
Democrats: Bail out the banks

Jail for BankstersRepublicans: Reject
Democrats: Will Not Act

Campaign Finance

Refuse to accept corporate contributions. Demand an end to special rights for corporations & an end to big money electionsRepublicans & Democrats: Accepts donations from corporations, including defense contractors, oil companies, insurance and drug firms, etc. Republican officials indicted or under investigation of bribery, perjury, etc.


Oppose Corporations as PersonsRepublicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Refuse Corporate Campaign ContributionsRepublicans: Support with open hands
Democrats: Support with open hands

Support labeling of genetically modified organismRepublicans: Oppose
Democrats: Thinking, Thinking ...

Death Penalty

Oppose the death penalty citing racial bias, failure to deter crime, widespread errors, and humanitarian objections.Republicans: Overwhelmingly support it
Democrats: Lukewarm support for it

Electoral Reform

Support electoral reform including Instant Runoff Voting and public financing of elections. Open debates.Republicans & Democrats: Works for us, why change anything

Global Warming

Oppose Keystone XL PipelineRepublicans: Support
Democrats: Lukewarm opposition

Reduce emissions NOW
Convert to renewable energy sources such as low-cost wind and solar power.Republicans: Bush withdrew the U.S. from the Kyoto Treaty to reduce greenhouse gases and fossil fuel use (oil, coal). Wants to lower emissions standards to try to reduce gas prices.
Democrats: Willing to weaken emissions standards to lower gas prices. Promotes subsidies to corporate agriculture as a way to reduce petroleum consumption.


Oppose Drone Warfare & AssassinationsRepublicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Oppose Israeli takeover of PalestineRepublicans: Support
Democrats: Support

Reduce the military budgetRepublicans: Increase the budget
Democrats: Increase the budget

Social Security

Fully support the Social Security systemRepublicans: Cut it to the bone
Democrats: Will accept cuts


Support a Jubilee for Student DebtRepublicans: Oppose
Democrats: Oppose


Support a living wage and the right to organizeRepublicans: Oppose
Democrats: Weak support

Universal Health Care

Demand real universal health care: Single-payer national health insurance, with guaranteed treatment and medicine regardless of age, ability to pay, employment, prior medical condition, including choice of doctors and hospitals.Republicans: Oppose guaranteed universal health care; Support health policy based on corporate profits for insurance, HMO, and drug companies instead of human need.
Democrats: Support health policy based on corporate profits; Deleted plans for universal health care from the Democratic platform.

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