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The Great Outdoors

By Ellen @ElleninTurkey
The Great Outdoors
It's that time of year in which almost all activities are moved outside.  I'm even teaching my Russian kids at a cafe in the park.  Irina has rented a new teaching space, but the furniture hadn't arrived by the time she left to spend two weeks in Moscow, so we planned on using the cafe temporarily.  But the students' mothers and I all prefer to remain at the cafe (where we can get a huge Turkish breakfast for 6 TL), so until Irina gets back and makes the command decision for us to move (or until we can no longer survive without air-conditioning) we'll stay where we are.
Irina also held her yoga class out here one day.  It was perfect weather, a beautiful day before the heat and humidity set in.  She also took me to a picnic with her Russian friends at a beautiful spot in the woods overlooking the sea.
My book club also moved outdoors, holding it's monthly meeting at the teahouse in Karalioglu Park.  I picked up several titles for beach reading, including a thriller by Nikki French (a husband and wife writing team).  I'd never heard of Nikki French, but apparently her (?) books are very popular in the UK.    I can see why;  it certainly was a page-turner.  Now I'm reading White Oleander, which I had heard of (hard to miss an Oprah pick that's been made into a film) , but I'd never seen the film and knew nothing about the book other than it's good recommendations.  So far I'm enjoying it.

The Great Outdoors

Karalioglu Park

Ayyas, our Wednesday evening bar, has now moved all its tables and chairs outside. This not only makes moving around easier, but also allows the dogs to visit.  I hadn't seen Buddy (the chocolate lab/golden retriever mix) in a while and was happy to get a doggie hug.
Thursday evenings' Movie Night  at Cenkay and Leyla's  house has moved to their beautiful garden.  Of course, having spent the day at the beach,  I was tired at 10:00 and continually dozed off during Snatch, which I think was about a diamond theft.  All I really remember is a lot of violence and Brad Pitt with some kind of British accent.
In June the classical music events also move outdoors, to the Aspendos amphitheater.  The last concert I saw at Ataturk Kultur Merkezi was a surprise.  The program had been advertised only as Vocalize, a group including three tenors, one baritone, and one bass.  I was expecting something like Chanticleer, but what I got was a cross between Lawrence Welk and the Wiggles.  Imagine, if you can, five Turkish men singing a medley of Michael Jackson songs accompanied by a symphony orchestra.  You couldn't have a cheesier experience in a fondue restaurant.  But it was fun, and definitely something different.

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