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The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking

By Huney_84
Hi Huneybees,
The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking
Hold your breath as you step into the Red and White Big Top Tent next to Marina Bay Sands. It has been 10 years since The Great Moscow Circus was in town and now it has finally returned to Singapore and this time with more spectacular acts from more than 45 circus performers.
Although hubby and I have watched many circuses' acts over the years, we were still holding onto the edge of our seats throughout the show as we witnessed each act with excitement and astonishment. 
The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking
"The Catwall Trampoline" was the first act and a great starter to the show. Five performers (four guys and one lady) executed many stylish but synchronized moves in perfection on/in/out of an erected platform via two trampolines, one on each side. 

At some points during their performance, it seemed like the trampolines barely managed to prevent the performers from hitting the group by only a few inches before propelling the performers back to the platform! The end of the act was an amazing leg split landing on the platform by one of the male performers (ouch!).

The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking

Aerial silk is also one of those circuses' acts that we always enjoy watching. Under an intimate setting of dim lighting and shoulder to shoulder sitting, right in front of the circus ring, the sight of a well-toned body lifting a lengthy tall beauty effortlessly during "Flying high above the circus ring" act, mimicking the scene two lovebirds flying freely in the sky, was simply breathtaking for us but also gasping at the same time for the safety of the two aerialists as they flew back and forth by just a long fabric and without any safety arrest system underneath. 

The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking
No circus is complete without some form of death-defying acts and The Great Moscow Circus is no different. However, The Great Moscow Circus takes acts like Space Wheel or The Giant Wheel and the Globe of Death, which are no strangers to circus audience, a step further by pushing the limits of these acts that we thought was already unbelievable!
Normally performed by a group of 2 performers, "The Giant Wheel" by The Great Moscow Circus was instead performed by two teams of two daredevils carrying out synchronized acrobatic running inside and outside two large rotating apparatus. Oh, our dear hearts were at gripping ends...
The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking

"The Globe of Deathby The Great Moscow Circus, on the other hand, normally involving three stunt riders, has four (4) motorcycles riding at an insane pace and directions inside a small mesh sphere ball that barely fits two riders.

The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking
All in all there were a total of 15 acts performed, we both agreed that our favourite was none other than the Contortionist - Emin AbdullaevAppearing in a small glass tank, I was first shocked to discover a head inside. But that was only the beginning, as he slowly "unfolds" himself and reveal his muscular physique out, the whole time I was squealing. His great performance has had again reminded me of how amazing we could do with our own body!

The Great Moscow Circus is certainly entertaining and raw. By raw, I meant you get to see how each apparatus is actually set up in-between the acts by the very performers who are going to use them. All the apparatus are taken down and set up with speed and care while the Ringmaster and his Russian Clowns act as covers to take attention off the preparation by amusing the audience with often silly acts. 
It is because of this intimacy between the acts and the audience that makes The Great Moscow Circus so famous and it is worth the extra money to pay for the VIP or Premium seats in the house to fully enjoy the best views of all these breathtaking acts.
The GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS Was Breathtaking
The Great Moscow Circus is located right beside Marina Bay Sands. Don’t miss the circus of a lifetime!Date: 25 October 2018 - 25 November 2018Performance Times:Tuesday to Friday: 7:30pmSaturday: 12pm, 4pm and 7.30pmSunday: 11.00am, 3.00pm and 6.30pmTicket Price from $65** Excludes the booking fee of SGD$4 per ticket.*Note that children ticket price is cheaper.For more information, please visit:


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