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The Graveyard Slot

By Jackscott
The Graveyard Slot

Where to now?

My 500th post was about marriage equality which seems fitting considering we’re a couple of old ‘married’ pansies. I’ve no idea how many words this miraculous milestone represents. It must be more than 100,000, maybe a lot more. It’s been a great ride on an epic journey of little importance that’s kept me out of mischief and sober(ish). And now there’s the book. I’m often asked if I’d always intended to start a blog and write a book. The answer is no. In fact, we didn’t give any thought at all to what we’d do after we paddled ashore. One lesson we learned very early was that neither the journey nor the destination is the be all and end all. What really counts is what you do after you’ve arrived. That’s the clever bit.

I started the blog 15 months ago. Generally, I’ve written little and often, virtually every day. This strategy has worked well. However, my daily ramblings can’t continue now that I’m preoccupied with promoting the book to earn a honest crust (outside Turkey, obviously). The blog’s been good to me. It deserves my best attention. I’ve decided that the only way to do this is to change the recipe and post less often. There wasn’t a post yesterday and there won’t be one tomorrow. Will this result in plummeting ratings, a kick to the graveyard slot and cancellation of the show mid-series?  We’ll see.

The Graveyard SlotAnd this is the reason why I can’t do it all.

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