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The GOP Effort To Kill Obamacare Is Nothing Short Of Evil

Posted on the 05 December 2013 by Jobsanger
The GOP Effort To Kill Obamacare Is Nothing Short Of Evil While Republicans might not like it, the graphic above is true. The Republicans don't have an alternative to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). They have tried for months to come up with something, but have been unable to get enough of their members to agree on anything -- which means their only plan is to do away with Obamacare (and the problems with our health care system that it will solve).
I think they are finally beginning to realize they will not be able to repeal Obamacare. Even if they could get it through the Congress (which they can't), it would be vetoed by the president. And by 2016, there will be so many people who have purchased better and cheaper health insurance through Obamacare, that repealing it will be tantamount to committing political suicide (even if they were able to gain control of the Senate and White House).
This leaves them with nothing but underhanded methods to try and stop Obamacare -- and do it before it get most Americans on board. I told you a few days ago about the right-wing efforts to stop Obamacare by trying to keep the website for it from working. The Homeland Security Department has verified at least 16 different cyber attacks on the health care website. The most effective so far has been a DDoS (denial of service) attack -- where right-wingers are spreading a programs which will overload the website, not allowing people wanting to purchase insurance to be able to access the site.
But that's not all they are doing. California Republicans have created a fake site to mimic the government website and fool consumers. Their fake Obamacare website contains lies and propaganda to try and convince consumers that they shouldn't sign up for health insurance -- that it will cost them too much, won't work, and would be a giant step toward socialism. Of course, none of that is true.
The Obamacare website is being fixed, and many are beginning to sign up. And people are starting to save money, by finding better and cheaper insurance through the website -- and many who really think they can't afford it are finding that the government subsidy will make the insurance affordable (or even free). As for it being socialistic, that is the biggest lie of all, since the health care exchange just helps consumers to buy insurance from private insurance companies (and that's pure capitalism).
But their pernicious effort to to keep people from buying health insurance is working with some people (those willing to put themselves in jeopardy to prove an ideological point). These people may think they are saving the country from socialism, or saving themselves some money, by paying a fine instead of purchasing health insurance -- but neither is true. They have just been convinced by the Republican lies to put themselves and their families in danger -- and when a serious illness does strike (as it will to everyone sooner or later), they will find themselves either unable to access the needed care or find themselves having to declare bankruptcy because of huge medical bills.
Personally, I think it is the epitome of evil for Republicans to be urging people not to buy decent and affordable health insurance. They are convincing these foolish people to put their health and financial security at risk -- proving once again that the Republicans are mean-spirited and hard-hearted, and care about no one but themselves (and their rich friends).
The GOP Effort To Kill Obamacare Is Nothing Short Of Evil The chart above was made from information contained in a recent Gallup Poll (done between November 20th and December 2nd of 655 uninsured Americans nationwide, with a 5 point margin of error).

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