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The Gold Starts to Shine!

By Jamesswezey
The Gold Starts to Shine!
Aside from completing a rather negligible amount of homework for school, I watched a lot of the Olympics today. There was alpine skiing which was quite a rush. At some points those guys were going over 80 mph; fortunately no one took a tumble down the mountain. There was also snowboarding slope style, which USA Jamie Anderson took home the gold for after an impressive last run. Congrats to her! The individual who was favored to place ended up crashing severely during a run and cracking her helmet, but she was alright and finished her run. Cross country skiing was intense at the finish (18 km) and those men just crashed to the ground when they crossed the finish line. Then there was also the women's biathlon which was also fairly intense. The best part for me though was the figure skating, and tonight they finished up the team event with Russia winning the gold, Canada the Silver, and USA with the Bronze; now they move onto individual events. Even though I do not care for Evgeny  Plushenko that much, he did very well, as did his compatriots in the ice dancing, but the best was Julia Lipnitskaia who just owned. Even the Americans fared very well, but their salvation as a team was the ice dancing couple Meryl Davis and Charlie White who were stunning on the ice, so much fun to watch. I cannot wait for the individual events to take place! Now we start moving on to the more technical elements in the Oscars, and starting if off are the nominations for Best Cinematography: The Grandmaster, Gravity, Inside Llewyn Davis, Nebraska, and Prisoners. Now I have, surprise-surprise, seen none of these films, but I am going to go with what I assume is the Oscar favorite of Gravity to win the Oscar, because all I've heard is how breathtaking and groundbreaking it is, and not to mention the nominees don't really sound that much up to scratch against it. Oh well. Here comes another week of work and grad school; yuck, and guess what, it is supposedly going to snow 5 days of the week. Fortunately there are the Olympics to drown my sorrows, and the upcoming second season of House of Cards on Netflix this Friday! Super excited about that. Have a great week everyone, and get in as much of the Olympics as you can, they're quite awesome.
USA Ice Dancers Meryl Davis & Charlie White

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