The Girls Who Talk Loud, Curse and Smoke

Posted on the 07 January 2011 by Stoffbyrd
Based on their circumstances some women had to become more masculine. It's a survival technique. Could be a rough school or neighborhood, having lots of brothers, or just the culture (think Jersey Shore). I'm just not feeling all the cursing, tough guy, er girl - mannerisms and puffing down all those cigarettes. Why are you talking so loud?
I like the feminine. I look for that energy. We already get enough masculine, tough guy MMA "no feelings bro" bullshit from our guy friends. Boring. I don't need my woman to talk trash and kick some girls ass like she was Foxy Brown. Balance the energies. To each their own I guess?
Of course I don't mind the women who tap into the best of masculine energy. The drive to be great and get things done. But not our worst traits - the wanna be tough guy, feelings are for wimps - don't hug me (daddy never loved me) loud mouths.
To be fair, I'm sure some guy over in LES or  Park Slope, Brooklyn had to get in touch with his feminine side so he could fit in with all the hipsters over there.

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