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The Girl Effect

By Stacylrust
“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.”
-Maya Angelou

Today, women are starting businesses at a rate of 3 times the national average. The world is about to change in ways we have never imagined.

If you look at the landscape of the business environment since women started entering the workplace, you will notice significant shifts in how business is done:

  • The hours of the workday are becoming more flexible to foster work/life balance
  • Businesses are becoming more family friendly with on-site daycare and other amenities
  • Companies are encouraging socialization throughout the workday to promote cooperation and creativity
  • Employees are choosing to work for companies that will provide the best fit for their family and lifestyle
  • Increasing demands are being placed on brands to become more genuine, personal, and distinct

(just to name a few…)

When we first entered the workplace, we were criticized for bringing compassion, emotion and intuition into a world dominated by numbers and facts. We were discounted because we put an incredible amount of emphasis on communication, language and understanding.

Now, without those things, a business doesn’t stand much of a chance.

The success of a business now hinges on its ability to truly connect with its audience.

We, as consumers, demand that the businesses we support reflect our needs, values and aspirations on every level.

As time passes, we are no longer satisfied by a company that gives us a good product. We also demand that they have environmentally sustainable production, safe processes, fair employment practices and fair wages. They must consistently adhere to the values of adaptability, philanthropy, transparency, honesty and integrity. Without these ideals, our loyalty will waiver, and we will eventually move on to companies we wholly identify with.

We only truly support companies that embody who we are as individuals.

Women bring a whole new level of competition and fiercely innovative business practices to the table. Our mothers have paved the way, it’s time to stand up and make a difference.

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