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The Friendly Karina Dress

By Citizenrosebud @citizenrosebudz

The Friendly Karina Dress

Feeling Friendly in my comfortable easy-to-wear Karina Dress

This is me in my Karina Dress. Recently I was approached by Karina Dresses and asked to write a product review. Upon visiting their website,, I was struck by how they shared the same passion as I do, for dresses designed to flatter and fit the female form. Karina Dresses are made for women of all shapes and sizes, and fit well into real wardrobes for real life. 
The Brand: Karina Dresses is a woman-owned apparel company located in Brooklyn, New York, where the dresses are made. Founded in 2007 by Karina Cousineau, who is the owner, the designer and the visionary behind this modestly ambitious brand. Karina's goal? To create "a fashion line that makes every “body” feel and look great, no matter what shape or size."
The Dress: The dresses are American made. In fact, they are designed, cut, assembled and sewn right in the Karina Dresses workshop/offices located in Brooklyn, New York. They are made by seamstresses being paid a living wage. The fabric used to make Karina Dresses is a heavy gauge micro-fiber that is breathable and fluid in movement. 

The Friendly Karina Dress

Karina Dresses are easy to wear & eco-friendly. Also, pretty easy on the eyes.

The micro-fiber fabric makes the dress wrinkle-proof, easy to wash & wear, and perfect to pack for travel. Karina Dresses are designed for an active lifestyle, and the micro-fiber material allows for flexibility and movement The fabric is sourced in small batches, so the prints are limited editions. You are one in a million, and your Karina Dress is too.
The Review: I was sent this dress: the Carolyn short sleeve. It has a pretty grey/white print that reminds me of a hybrid of plaid and honeycomb. PERFECT for me. Now I'm not normally a "microfiber" girl, as sometimes the material is too thin and shows my every lump. And often times it feels synthetic and uncomfortably clammy. I was pleased to note immediately how BREATHABLE the material was, how beautifully it hung on me, and how the thickness of the fabric HUGGED my curves and flattered them.

The Friendly Karina Dress

Enter code: BellaQ for $30 off your Karina Dresses purchase!

The cut of the dress is simple, which belies its brilliance. The waist was nearly at "empire"length, meaning that the waist of the dress sat below my bust and above my waistline, giving me the appearance of a smaller waist. LOVE THAT. I'm thick in the middle, so the fact that it fit COMFORTABLY and still made me look thinner made major points with this blogger.  More points scored with the wrinkle-free aspect and the fabric's breathability.  The first time I wore it, it was raining (I was visiting New York) and I didn't feel cold or clammy. The photos above were taken on a warm day in Sacramento, and even layered over a long sleeve shirt, I was cool and comfortable. 

The Friendly Karina Dress

Photo Credits: Bella Q

I would highly recommend Karina Dresses. In fact, I've been busy shopping the Karina online website for my second dress. With the comfort and versatility of the design, I think I could use a few more body-friendly dresses like this in my wardrobe. If YOU'D like to SHOP for your friendly Karina Dress, use this coupon code for $30 bucks off your dress purchase: BellaQ.Karina Dresses: karinadresses.comFan them on Facebook HERE

The Friendly Karina Dress

The fabric is sourced in small batches making each dress part of a limited edition.

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