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The Freezer is De-Frosting

By Exceedpossibility @exceedpossible
Ye.. it's always a pain in the backside when everything in the freezer decides to melt because the freezer turns off (power cut, mistake or freak mystery) - luckily I've never had to deal with it but can see that it would be annoying to lose a lot of food and have a large puddle on the floor...
The Freezer is De-Frosting
How about you take that freezer and name it 'Earth', the power cut/mistake/freak mystery and call it global warming or climate change; now something that was 'inconvenient' is now ringing alarm bells and posing a real danger to everyone on Earth. I'm thinking about this due to tonight's Frozen Planet where David Attenborough and his team beautifully showed the masses how the Earth's ice is melting and the great harm that this is causing, and will cause in the future. To ignore such obvious change could be seen as naive, stupid or cautious - which of these it is I have my own idea...but persuading 7 billion people on Earth the same thing is no mean feat.
Scores and scores of expeditions are now setting off for the South Pole to mark the centenary of Amundsen and Scott, the first two parties to reach the South Pole. For some strange reason these expeditions, and the majority of other polar expeditions, seem to think that their journey to the South Pole is highlighting, and helping, the fight against Climate Change - do these people who know what climate change is or is this an easy way to get sponsorship?? If I wanted to highlight the issue I'd go to the British Antarctic Survey, not some bloke trying to get to the South Pole the quickest who probably wouldn't know the difference between a glacier and an ice cap. The threat of climate change seems pretty real to me so let us let the scientists do the work and leave people with dreams of the South Pole to pay their own way or be completely honest about why they're undertaking their expedition. If your expedition is to highlight such an important topic you should go and learn about it, tell people about it and help change it...don't just put a little footer at the bottom of your website 'promoting' the cause because you'll get a free flight out there for it.
If only governments, countries and people would accept that changes will happen in their lifetime and it's not a case of 'it won't affect me so I don't care'. To see the changes taking place on Frozen Planet tonight was depressing but to know that scientists are dedicating their life to solving our problems is heart warming.
Rant over...

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