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The Fish Tank is Dry

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Our last guppy died.  We aren't exactly sure how old he was, but he had to be close to three years old.  I do know the neighbors watched all our fish (at one time we had about two dozen male guppies) for both our trips to Disney.  This past January we didn't go to Disney, but the guppy was still here. 
Our last guppy lived by himself for quite a while.  He had been struggling to swim for a couple of weeks, so it wasn't a surprise.  Well, it wasn't a surprise to the adults in this house.  The girls started ignoring him a long time ago.  He finally just flopped over on a seashell at the bottom of the fish tank. 
Our fish adventures are over for now.  It was fun, but we have Oreo now and I have a one pet at a time rule.

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