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The First Homemade Prefold Cloth Diaper

By Earthseamama @earthseamama

First off I will start by saying this diaper was sewn by my Mother! I have not sewn since high school and I can't  remember being any good at lol...but with my Mothers help I hope I can learn. This was a trial run done with no pattern only some measurements as a guideline. I can not remember the exact dimensions right now because it is almost 3am lol but I will do a more detailed post with more photos soonish.

This diaper is made from 2 layers of ordinary white diaper flannel that was pretty inexpensive to buy at our local fabric store and it has an insert sewn in the middle that consists of 2 layers of terry cloth ....also purchased from the fabric store. Things have been pretty busy around the house but we sat down tonight and Mom sewed 2 prefolds as a trial run and we started on some cloth wipes as well.

I am really not sure how aborbant these will be but I hope to test them tomorrow ...if needed I figure we can always stuff them with additional inserts that would be easy to make. I ordered some snappi's online but I want to start cloth diapering sooner than later so I posted an ad online and found a lady that was so kind to give me 2 extra snappi's that she had in her stash along with 3 covers :) So that will get us started!

I am getting so excited about all this fuzzy bum stuff :) I have so many ideas ... I just need to learn to sew an find the time. I will post a photo below.

The First Homemade Prefold Cloth Diaper

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