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Its Been a Long Time...

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Its been a long time since I have sat down and wrote anything on here! Life has been so busy! After our wedding in July I went back to work part the same time I am running my home business Earth Sea Baby! It has been quite successful so far, I am very pleased :) We moved into our apartment this past month...we had been looking for a suitable place for 2 months! We finally found a beautiful 3 bedroom duplex in a prime location only 3 minutes away from my Husbands work! We are pretty much all settled in now :) Baby F is all grown up and running around the house now! He now goes to a private day care 4 days a week while I am at work, he loves going and playing with the other children he is very social. I have been busy hunting for used toys and things to buy for Baby F for Christmas! We did buy him one NEW toy...but we decided because he is so young and does not care if it has been used...we might as well do Christmas cheap this year because soon enough he will be asking for IPod's & Laptops! This month we transitioned Baby F from our bed to his own room in his own TODDLER BED! The transition went smooth and he sleeps most nights in his bed until 4:30am then I take him into our bed until 6am :) We did his room in Disney Cars theme! I will post photos soon.
- Earth Sea Mama

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