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The First Harvest of the New Season....

By Plot58 @plot58

The first harvest of the new season.... Well today saw me harvest the first meaningful crop from this year’s sowings, I had a lovely bunch of radishes, they were sweet and very peppery just what you want from a radish, they went well with our salad for tonight’s dinner.
There is always that extra excitement with the first crop of the year I know it’s only radish but the taste is better than anything you can buy.
The first harvest of the new season.... Today was also the first time I managed to spend some meaningful time up the allotment, what with all this rain (much needed in this part of the country) it made what time I did have spare for the plot almost impossible to do anything, some parts of the allotment are VERY muddy and some plots resemble bogs not allotment plots, but my investment in bark chipping has already repaid me I was able to come and go on the plot with ease. The weeds are at a manageable level too; wish I could say the same for the plot next to me it’s a vacant plot that has just been left to its own devices for a year and the weeds are now waist height!
The first harvest of the new season....I tried to give the potatoes there first earth up today I say tried the soil was so wet it was just sticking to the folk I did my best but will have to neaten it up when it dries out.
The first harvest of the new season....The carrot seeds I sowed back in late march have all germinated and I have today put some fleece round them to stop the carrot fly, I have never had an issue with this before but there is always a first time for everything!!!
The plot is looking really good at present the soft fruit is looking superb I have never seen so many flowers on my strawberries and the raspberries have flourished in this wet weather, the rhubarb looks like it’s a week or 2 from harvesting and the broad beans planted a few weeks ago are looking healthy. The early sowing of lettuce is a week from harvesting too. All in all I am pleased with the progress made so far in my first part of the season and can’t wait to get some decent weather so the tender plants can start to be put in their final homes.

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