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The Fight Between the God of Mountain and River

By Joefatrah

The fight between the God of Mountain and River

The fight between the mountain God and the river God story

The mountain God and the River God
A long time ago in Vietnam, there was a beautiful princess. She was the king’s only daughter. Both the mountain God and the River God wanted to marry the king’s daughter. The king said, “You must fight, and the winner will marry the princess”. So the two Gods fought. They fought with bows and arrows. The mountain God won the fight and he married the beautiful princess But the river God was very angry. He used his power to attack the mountain. The river got higher, it covered the mountain. It came up to where the mountain God and princess lived. Then, the mountain God used his power. The mountain got higher too, so the river couldn’t get the princess. Now, every year in July and August, when the rains come in Vietnam, the rivers rise, people say that the River God is still trying to take away the princess

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