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The Fat Kid

By Sedulia @Sedulia

The Little Rascals (originally Our Gang) was my favorite TV show when I was little.

I have often struggled to explain to French people how Americans see them. The truth is, even Americans who say they don't like the French (a common, truculent statement, ever since the French decided invading Iraq was not their thing) actually do like them. They make fun of them, they make snide jokes, but they love having the French to pick on, they need them as a contrast, and when they actually meet a live French person, they are almost always charmed.

Finally I hit on this metaphor. To the average non-world-traveling American, full of prejudices and bile, the French are the fat boy in the gang of friends. He loves his food, he doesn't like to fight, he doesn't always get the respect he wants. But he's a real friend, and the gang would not be complete without him.

Everyone loves him, of course.

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