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The Eyes Have It

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls have been begging for bangs for a while now.  I resisted because I know bangs = ongoing maintenance. 
After months and months and months of reminding me that I promised to think about it, I finally called them into the bathroom.  I took the scissors and cut their bangs. 
They giggled and kept trying to look at their hair while I snipped.  The brunette twin turned her head at just the wrong moment.  I snipped the hair a bit shorter than planned.  The blond twin stood "like a statue" when it was her turn.  Her bangs fell right where I planned.
They were so happy to have bangs they couldn't stop looking at them.  They still walk by the mirror and admire their bangs.  I'm happy that they're happy for now.  Who knew something so little could make them so happy?

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