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The Everlasting Prejuidices on Birth Control

By Erikalust

Today I saw an article in the online Huffington Post with a video of Republican Steve King explaining how health insurance covering birth control is not constructive to society and how “If we let our birth rate get down below replacement rate we’re a dying civilization“.

It amazes to still have to fights these fights, in a society that wants to evolve but still puts into consideration these basic rights every chance it gets.

The everlasting prejuidices on Birth Control

Birth control enables us to live in a sexually educated and healthy environment without gender oppression. Is having babies you can’t take care of make our civilization better? How come they don’t concentrate on the fact that financial speculation is genuinely ruining lives? People don’t know how they’re going to take care of the children they already have…

Birth control isn’t a free pass to have orgies every day, stop working and be degenerates, it’s a way to give children a chance to be happy and educated and build a better society.
Besides, if it’s avaible for people who can affort it, it is elementary that people that aren’t as wealthy can get birth control as well!

Here’s the video, I’d like to read your comments about it!

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