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The Evening Stroll

By Sue15cat
The Evening Stroll
I took my camera with me for last night's doggy walk round the paddock, just so I could try to capture the evening sky.  This top photo shows the colours as they were, it was a beautiful sunset.
The Evening Stroll
The dogs rushed along the fence line sniffing and digging, I think the mole that has been living in and around the manure pile (you can see it's palleted sides in the bottom right corner of this picture) has veered off towards the fence line and the Jack Russells were on his trail. 
Suky doesn't join in with this, she can never be bothered to track wildlife, a Pug's sense of smell is not as powerful as a longer snouted dog and anyway she has never been tempted to eat any of little creatures that Rosy kills so she doesn't see this sort of tracking as a potential for a meal. She would rather come home and be handed a carrot to chew on, I think she would make a great little vegetarian dog.   She prefers living things that can play with her and wants to be friends with creatures rather than eat them.   I think she would love to be friends with a rabbit but with Rosy around there will never be a pet rabbit here  😩
(Have you noticed the button for 'special characters' that has now appeared on Bloggers editing page ... very useful 😊 )
The Evening Stroll
Across the valley from us this cottage nestles in the hillside, it really stands out in the evenings, especially at this time of year when the foliage surrounding it is changing color so rapidly.  I like to look across in the evenings as darkness falls and see all the lights gradually coming on in the buildings and cottages that are dotted all over the hillside, and no doubt they do exactly the same looking over at the houses on our side of the hill.  I think that's one of the advantages of not having street lights, the lights from the houses stand out so much more.
The Evening Stroll
We strolled around the paddock, perhaps out for longer than usual with our eyes adjusting to the creeping darkness, and by the time we got back to the house all the chickens had made their way up the ramp and were tucked up on their perches so I could go over and close their door.  Safe for another night.
Then the log burner was lit, the kettle was put on and as the dogs sat on the rug licking their wet paws, I went round the house closing the blinds and curtains and started thinking about cooking our tea.  It was only five o'clock and we had a whole evening of cosiness ahead.
I love this time of year.
Sue xx

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