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The End of the Line for a Plant

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0

I would love to discuss a perennial that performed well this year or share photos of an ornamental grass that is putting on a show right now.
But that is not happening today.
Today I am notifying you of a plant that I will be eradicating. Yeah you heard me, eradicating. It's not enough to transplant it elsewhere or chuck it on the compost heap. We are in full eradication mode. Operation Eradication if you will.
Chasmanthium latifolium, commonly referred to as Northern Sea Oats or NSO if you are on a character limit, has pushed me to the brink and I'm ready to end our relationship.
I  loved this plant /grass at first and even sang its praises in a post from a few years back.
Then after witnessing its love of reseeding, I attempted to control them by cutting them down in the fall.
Well, that didn't curb NSO's desire to spread its wings so I am done with it. NSO should stand for:
No one
Sure, the "oats" are fantastic from summer into fall:
The end of the line for a plant
And I've managed to hide the mess these have been making since early spring, but with the leaves now falling off of the shrubs and perennials it has become even more evident that the party needs to end.
Case in point:  
Reseeding in front of the more mature NSO's:
The end of the line for a plant
Hiding within Itea 'Henry's Garnet':
The end of the line for a plant
Getting way too comfortable under Astilbe:
The end of the line for a plant
Trying to battle Amsonia:
The end of the line for a plant
I'm not anti "pull every individual weed by hand", but it is impossible to grab these and get the entire root system. A trowel is required for each and every one. Not happening.
So within the next week, I plan on pulling all of these out, lighting them on fire, stomping on them with my shit-kicking boots and then lighting them on fire again. I realize I'll be doing more of the same in the spring, but at least I'll know I am on my way to a permanent cure.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

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