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The End of Science, Redux

By Bbenzon @bbenzon
John Horgan's 1996 book, The End of Science, has been republished. Horgan discusses it with Robert Wright:
Here's my essay review, Pursued by Knowledge in a Fecund Universe, in 1997. And here's the abstract:
In The End of Science John Horgan, himself a devotee of science, argues that the stock of fundamental scientific truths is limited and that we have discovered most of them. What has come to an end, I argue, is a certain view of the world which sees reality as reducible to simple laws about simple systems underpinning the superficial complexity of phenomenal experience. On the contrary, reality is fundamentally complex and reductionism is doomed. The universe is fecund in that it has evolved multiple Realms of Being, with the later ones being implemented in the former

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