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By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

We often come across this phrase. Even I remember from my school days, I have been taught this over and over again with a hope of preaching it for the lifetime. But as I grow older day by day I am realizing that it is getting stronger and stronger.  This can be seen from our daily activities also. Like for example sometimes it happens that you fail in one subject after a lot of studying but win a contest worth Lakh rupees because of that study you made by spending sleepless nights rendering frame by frame each page you scan through your books. 
We are usually stuck up in doing chores which we would like to abstain from forever but end up doing them on the daily basis until at the end it becomes a daily habit of ours. At the end we don't have any option left but to perform that s our duty. Practice makes a man perfect! Ah! close to perfect as nothing is perfect in this world. loaded with lot of pressure, stressed out we feel that now the world is going to end. Everything will be finished. This is the beginning of the end or wait let it be other way round. Every end is a new beginning.
I hope that the entire scenario is changed now. we end up with school, we miss it, we cry, shout and do all lot of things that makes us look like a maniac but still it has already ended, we have to accept the fact. Then we rejoice the next moment when we get an admission in a college and we soon mix up with the new crowd, forgetting the old ones or may be in some cases not completely forget but it wanders very faintly in our minds.
Coming to friendships and relationships, we often have to go through this phase of life where we end up giving more of our time to one which leaves the other neglected for no particular reason but this holds true. The new relationship is the beginning but it leads to the end of friendship(s). Well life is a cycle where we gain something and lose something. My point is never to lose something precious for the sake of something which you can be without.
Now the question which arises is that how to know whether something is precious or not? The answer is very simple. it lies within you. Your heart, your brain keeps giving you signals of what you really want to be like and what is satisfaction according to the different phases which you all administer throughout the day, week, month, year. We see the end of the year, followed by the beginning of new year.
The point is not to feel finished or devastated, but to enjoy and rejoice what life has given you. But Today, we are not satisfied from whatever we are. we are not satisfied with our friends, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, and numerous others. I still remember the fact that I learnt in school that whatever you do, it's not enough! I simply avert my eyes from some situations hoping it to pass and it does.
Every phase has to pass on, the one who can let it pass with patience bears less pain than usual. Every end is new beginning in disguise, if nature closes one door at your face, a new one opens up, accurately speaking, the better one. So never give up the learning process as through every process, we learn something or the other.
14 more days to go for the year 2012 to end. We will have to celebrate the end of the year and welcome new year 2013 in our lives. So do you agree that every end is a NEW BEGINNING?

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