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The Economist “unwinds” with New Supplement

Posted on the 08 April 2016 by Themarioblog @garciainteract
The Economist “unwinds” with new supplementThe Economist “unwinds” with new supplement The Economist “unwinds” with new supplementThe Economist “unwinds” with new supplement
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The Economist has introduced a supplement to emphasize features that allow its serious readers to relax a bit.

Titled, 1843, the new product includes the following topics: culture, technology, design, body + mind, style, food + drink, travel and multimedia.

The name has surprised many, and here is how 1843 editor explained the choice of name.  In her introductory column, Emma Duncan wrote:

“We’ve called our magazine 1843 to recall The Economist’s rich history and to indicate the closeness of the two publications. We’re designed for the same sort of reader – people who are curious about ideas and culture, and who want to know how others are thinking and what they are doing around the world – but we’re aiming to reach you when you’re in different modes. The Economist provides you with concise, evidence-based reporting and opinion; 1843 offers longer features that explore the world at a more leisurely pace, through profiles and narrative journalism. The Economist tells you what you need to know to navigate the modern world; 1843 will tell you what you might want to know to help you enjoy it a little more. The Economist covers the world out there; 1843 touches on things closer to home – design, style, personal tech, wellbeing, travel, food and drink. But the magazines have two crucial elements in common: an insatiable interest in how lives are changing and a superb network of correspondents around the world.”

What's in a name?

Some readers are a bit  puzzled —and not so happy—about the name chosen for 1843.  Here are some of the comments left behind:

“Nice content, awful name. My first thought was, “A magazine about the past.” Which it’s anything but.”

“It’s a silly name, which means nothing.”

“Awful name for such a brilliant magazine.”

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