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The Dye Mixing Adventure

By Somanycolors
One of the things I love most about dyeing is the unexpected results of mixing dyes. Some dyes meld perfectly with others. Other dyes dominate and some seem almost to disappear. The differences are often most apparent when using the same dye mix to create solid and mottled fabrics.
This is an example of dyes working well together to create a new color:
The Dye Mixing AdventureIt is a combination of a red and two yellows. One color doesn't over power the others and the solid matches the mid-tones of the mottle.
Here, though, is a blue and yellow combo:
The Dye Mixing AdventureThe blue totally dominates the solid and is a background color in the mottle. The yellow worked only in places on the mottle, combining with the blue to make a darker greenish shade.
This blue/yellow mix is part of an ongoing effort to get a good teal solid and mottle. So far everything I've tried ends up with the blues and yellows going their own ways, especially on the solids. I think the next thing I'll try is dyeing the fabric a yellow then dyeing with blue. And maybe the other way around, too. I've always loved a challenge!

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