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The Duggar’s 19 Kids & Counting Mum Makes Me Jealous

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

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Earlier on Twitter I came across another blogger talking about the mum from 19 kids and counting. This has been on my mind most of the day now as I have not watched it for a while. I didn’t know she was onto baby no 20.


I have watched The Duggar family on TV in the past and I have read the blog – just how does this women do it?


45-year-old Michelle Duggar knows about the complications her age may place on her pregnancy, that’s why she’s putting in a good hour each day on the elliptical she was given for her birthday.


“We are so excited,” Michelle said. “I was not thinking that God would give us another one, and we are just so grateful.”


I would say maybe someone was not using birth control! When does she find the time to even have sex?


OK so I am half and half with this  -  I am completely jealous of her without a doubt. I love the fact she has such a large family, I love large families. But 20?


20 kids? Is she insane?


I have 6 and take it from me its bloody hard work. I try to imagine having 3 sets of my kids, but even then I would be 2 kids short.


How can she financially support 20 kids?

How can she ensure each child recieves one to one attention?

Is it fair that the older children tend to care for the younger children?

Is her body not ready for breaking?


Mum also home schools? She is mad for sure. Sorry I love my kids to the moon and back, but I love the time they are at school too.


Michelle suffered severe complications with her last baby, is it fair of her to have more, to put another child at possible risk?


I struggle to divide my attention with 6 children and often feel I should be doing more with each of them, how can you possibly share yourself among 20?


Why is she is always smiling? This somewhat annoys me. She is always so calm, relaxed and never shouts. Her kids never scream, draw on walls, climb over the furniture, refuse to sleep, complain they don’t like chips. WHAT?


While I will still continue to watch the programme about them, it is somewhat boring. I would love to see a mum with 20 kids in what I call real life. It would make fantastic viewing, all 20 kids stood demanding mums attention, being genuinely kids.


If the film crew followed my 6 kids around for the day, they would never want to return. Their feet would ache and they would all have headaches.


Maybe I am just jelous that she makes parenting looks so easy.


What are your own views?


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