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The DreamCube is Born

Posted on the 15 December 2012 by Aerosolarabic @aerosolali

The DreamCube is born

I have just returned from Malaysia from the World Islamic Economic Forum, which takes place in various cities around the world every year.  It features mostly speakers  exploring business and finance, but for the past few years they have incorporated the creative industry as part of the program. Artistic director Asad Jafri (formerly working with IMAN in Chicago) was running the creative element, so was more than happy to be on board with someone like that heading it.  He pulled together artists from around the globe, and i was one of those.  I decided to offer something different, on top of the visual arts canvas exhibit which i delivered.  I showcased the ‘DREAMCUBE’ something i have been developing over the past year.  I have been already painting ‘cubes’ which the user engages with by walking around it to see the art covering the surfaces.  Then came the spinning cube, where i paint all four sides, whilst spinning it in front of a live audience.  FInally with the DreamCube, the user could enter inside.

To sum it up – its a digital sound and visual installation, that is interactive.  The user upon entering the cube, in transported into another dimension.  Inside the cube, the user is surrounding by sound and visuals that encourages the user to respond in two ways: 1) Chosing a marker pen provided to scribe their visions of the future onto the walls b) Tweet their visions of the future onto the #DreamCube, communicating with people globally, as well as the tweets being projected onto a screen inside of the cube for others to see that enter inside.

How the arts combined with technology can truly touch the human soul in exciting ways, was something very powerful to witness.  I spoke to people upon stepping out of the cube, that were visibly moved and sometimes emotional.  People spoke of how the closed space inside forced them to reflect on the sights and sounds witnessed, and made them feel things they had never felt before.  Human beings want to express themselves, want to write their words and project their inner thoughts – but never have the space to do so.  Here inside this cube was the rare opportunity to do so, either anonymously scribing their words literally onto the walls – or digitally into twitter-land.

The DreamCube has only just been born,  Already there are others waiting to host the DreamCube.  The next appearance of the cube will take place in Malaysia once again on December 29th/30th in Putra Jaya International Convention Centre….

The DreamCube is born

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