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The Drama of Travel

By Travelersmind
There are varying levels of drama when it comes to travel. There's the stressful itinerary and planning aspect that relates to catching your flight on time, or dealing with lost luggage, or arguing with a stewardess over a missed connection, or realizing the hotel does not have your reservation saved, or discovering the tour you wanted to do has been sold out since January. Those are all scenarios we have dealt with and are prepared to deal with if they happen to arise. But then there's the unforseen drama of travel, the experiences we never see coming. These usually involve travel companions or acquaintances we meet along the way, and they can usually cause more anguish and turmoil than an unfortunate shift in plans, because the drama is always personal.
The Drama of TravelWhen you make plans to travel with friends or family, or go visit someone for a trip, there is always the chance that issues can arise. First, money. People usually set budgets for themselves when they travel--unless they are those lucky individuals who have the luxury of splurging without worrying about what it will do to their savings account. On average, most people will decide ahead of time what they want to spend money on, whether it be a few dinners at upscale restaurants or a shopping spree or sightseeing tours. However, when you travel with others, more likely than not, their budget is different. While it may seem like this should not cause problems, money is probably the number one culprit for arguments, especially when traveling. One person may get jealous that another is spending so much, or may feel pressure to spend more than he or she has. There's also the reverse side, where one may feel guilty purchasing an expensive outfit or meal while their friend cannot afford it. Money is always a difficult subject to deal with, and I know from personal experience that it can create some extremely tense situations. The best thing to do is to discuss your budget well ahead of time, making sure your travel companion knows exactly how you feel about expenses. It may not solve everything, but at least there is an understanding established before the trip begins.
Second, personal agendas. Everyone has activities they want to do and sites they want to visit, but the reality is that a group trip is not all about one person. If you have travel buddies, you need to respect that there may be things they want to do that you do not, and vice versa. Sometimes there are two extremes, with one person wanting to spend their vacation relaxing, no agenda necessary; and the other scheduling one event after another hoping to keep every minute of the day occupied with something. This can create some real problems, and in those cases, it's best to go your separate ways, even just for a day. Otherwise, neither one will get what they want out of the trip.
The Drama of TravelThird, general proximity. Being around the same people for a certain amount of time can become irksome for anyone, especially people who like their privacy or enjoy alone time. Also, there are some personalities that just clash, no matter how well you know the person or how tolerant you may be. And travel can add a whole other level since it takes you out of your comfort zone and into a different world. You are already dealing with the new environment, and a conflicting personality in your travel group will not help the situation. Some of you may be rolling your eyes at this, thinking only an idiot would go on a trip with someone he or she did not get along with. Well, you would be surprised how travel can bring out sides of people you never expected. Once again, if this kind of drama comes up, taking a step back from it and spending some time alone is probably the best solution. Either that, or you could take the confrontational approach and let the person know their voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard.
These are some of the most common dramatic events--at least that I've experienced. And I can only hope that my next two trips will be completely drama free. If not, the best thing to do is roll with the punches, and make every effort to avoid a ruined vacation. But overall, I have found that traveling with friends can be one of the most memorable experiences, and nothing should interfere.

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